Digital Preservation: Lessons Learned

Real quick, I’d like to thank all of my classmates for your incredibly insightful opinions and enlightening blog posts. I didn’t have much experience or familiarity with digital preservation and it was incredibly helpful to learn from you all. You all rock. This semester learning about digital preservation has been a valuable experience for me. […]

Reflecting on Digital Preservation

A couple sessions into this class, LBSC 784 Digtal preservation, professor Trevor Owens assigned four articles for us to read. One that stood out was “The Emperor’s New Repository” which contained the phrase “I don’t know what digital preservation is”. There was also a paper explaining the OAIS reference model, the NDSA levels of digital […]

Final Thoughts

This course has been a very eye-opening experience for me. I’ve always considered myself more comfortable with analog material, even though the field of archiving is quickly moving in the direction of digital files. The NDSA levels of preservation are what really solidified my understanding of the unique requirements for digital files. “The recommended activities […]