Hi, I’m Sarah (S!)

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah Shade, and unlike most everyone else in the class, I am a General History Master’s student (but I adore all of my Public History friends).

I was born in Atlanta Georgia, but I don’t consider myself from there because we moved to Highland Village, Texas (north of Dallas, near Denton) when I was five and I grew up there. So although i am not technically a native Texan, I consider myself to be from Texas. I graduated last May from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas (pronounced NAC-UH-DOE-CHEZ, if you’re curious). I majored in History and minored in Spanish there. I also worked for our school’s Department of Languages, Cultures, and Communication where I made the best friends out of other students and professors. They’re like my family away from home. In addition to working there and studying Spanish, I studied abroad in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where i learned Portuguese and studied Afro-Brazilian culture, especially regarding slavery and Candomblé.

Here’s all of us in Pelourinho. The area is gorgeous now, but during the Portuguese colonial period it was a plaza for the punishment of enslaved people.
This is me and my host parents, Eneida and Almir!

Since I included a picture of my family in Brazil, I should probably post about my actual family. I have my mom, dad, and my brother, but unfortunately the four of us became three in August when we lost my mom. My mom used to work in occupational therapy until I was born, then she began staying home with me and my brother. My dad used to work in sales for various chicken companies such as Pilgrim’s Pride and Simmons Foods, but now manages a tow truck business, which is a much better fit for him because he loves cars. My brother Colin turns 20 in July and he just started school to earn a certificate in welding (so proud of you baby bro).

My mom, Paula, my dad, Bob, and my brother, Colin

I consider myself a 20th century US historian who is interested mostly in history post WWII. Other than history I love watching tv, like most people. My favorite show is Lost and I’ve seen it all the way through seven times. I also love videogames, although I’m not great at them. Currently I’m playing Skyrim (even though it came out 9 years ago, I’ve never played it), Link’s Awakening, and I’m patiently waiting for March 20 when Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes out. I also send postcards to people around the globe and receive them from other people through a penpal website. So far, I’ve received about 70 postcards. I also love cats, so here’s a picture of my cat, who most of you have already seen.

This is Pounce, she’s my best friend, best model, and hates everyone except me

I look forward to learning about digital history with all of you!

Hi, I’m Madi!

I’m a junior undergrad studying political science and communications. I decided to focus more on communications this semester and take a break from policy, so I’ve found myself in couple of unique history classes including this one. I’m not particularly keen to digital history, so I’m very excited to learn more about the field and do something new.

Me and my best friends at Tom’s One Hour Photo in LA.

I’m from Seattle, WA, and have lived in DC for about three years. I have family in the area, so I’ve grown up visiting and have always had an interest in living in DC. (However, West Coast Best Coast forever). I also have family in New York and Ohio, so those are the places I’ve spend the most time. Aside from politics, I love singing and was a musical theatre kid in high school, and I’m also a huge fan of cats (I have two at home that I miss dearly), and a huge comedy nerd.

Here are Baxter and Indiana Jones being cute.

I think this class will be helpful in my understanding of how political engagement has changed since the internet came about, and how accessibility of information and history has allowed Americans to be more tuned into what’s going on, both currently and historically, in politics and government. So much of political and governmental corruption throughout history has been because of lack of education and forced ignorance of lower classes, and I think the internet and mass communication has really changed the way we see the world and our own government. I’m looking forward to exploring these ideas while also seeing what digital history is about and what kinds of things can be done in the field.

Hi, I’m Luke!

Hello there! I am a first year Public History MA student here at AU. I grew up with 5,000 of my best friends in a small town in northern Jersey. In addition to learning how to think critically about breakfast sandwiches and pizza, growing up in NJ got me interested in American Revolutionary War history.

I graduated in May 2019 from Virginia Tech as a History major with minors in Leadership/Social Change, War & Society, and Political Science. I didn’t really have a specific focus while in undergrad, though I was mostly interested in anything US-based. Since the powers at large tell me I have to be more specific with my study, I have been (fortunately) forced to find my niche topic. Since coming to AU I have found a deeper passion for Appalachian labor/folk/music studies.

Most of my professional work has taken place at the White House Historical Association, where I am a fellow. I worked at WHHA in the summer of 2018, summer of 2019, and since I began my studies at AU in August. My highlights at WHHA include: helping plan the 2018 and 2020 Presidential Sites Summits, creating an app video that played at an Amazon Web Services conference, writing an interpretive script, and sourcing objects to create a mini-exhibit. My first summer at WHHA convinced me to delay my ambitions to become a teacher, and rather focus on non-conventional ways to engage people in history, which is why I am here!

Aside from history, my true passion is designing and building custom wood furniture and objects. My dream job would allow me to combine history, woodworking, and teaching all on a widely accessible platform. Basically, I want to be a mixture of Norm Abram, Ken Burns, and (for a little razzle-dazzle) Bill Nye.

Go Hokies!

Hi, I’m Jess!

I am yet another first year Public History MA student at AU. I am originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where I grew up thinking that 20 feet of snow between Halloween and May was normal.

Most recently, I have called the Twin Cities of Minnesota home. I graduated from the College of St. Benedict in 2018 with a BA. I majored in History, with a focus on women’s/gender history in the early twentieth century and minored in Theater. My undergraduate thesis was titled “Armed Flapper Moonshiners and Crusading Women” thanks to a clever headline dating to 1928. I focused on different groups of women and their public personas around the time of Prohibition in Minnesota– and if you want to hear more, just ask! My current focus is women during the early twentieth century in the United States.

Most of my professional work has been at county historical societies in Minnesota. I started out giving tours and researching a log cabin built in 1866 with my first internship in undergrad, and moved onto researching local history surrounding World War I and giving tours of the Sibley Historic Site for the last summer before graduation. The most interesting thing I did while working as an intern was definitely building a model aboveground trench with my father for a World War I exhibit.

The trench assembled at the Mall of America last Memorial Day Weekend- we were able to travel with most of the exhibit and give it even more exposure that weekend.

Most recently, I was the Site Supervisor at the Sibley Historic Site and this hammered home the point that I want to work in the public history field for me. I spent countless hours planning events and researching an exhibit that I put together last summer about the women of the site. I have always enjoyed researching, but my experiences at historical societies have also showed me that I enjoy interacting with people and helping them connect with the history that surrounds them everyday. I am excited to be taking this class and look forward to learning how digital history methods can help museums and other historical organizations teach the public about local history, and connect the public to their history.

Hi, I’m Leah

I’m a first-year Public History MA student at AU. I am originally from northern New Jersey. I graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2019 where I majored in history and wrote my thesis on the change in the interpretation of John Brown’s Raid. During college, I worked as an interpretive intern at Gettysburg National Military Park and as a living history intern at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. My focus is the Civil War as well as mid to late 19th-century immigration and labor activism.

I decided to attend American because of all the opportunities within Washington, DC, and the support of the professors and alumni community. I am currently working as a National Park Ranger at George Washington Memorial Parkway. I have had the opportunity to create pop-up programs about Jones Point and the Marine Corps as well as interact with visitors through our Mobile Visitor Center. I am also working as a curriculum development intern for Blake Learning Solutions, an instructional design company contracted to create the education program for Arlington National Cemetery. As an intern, I conduct research on important figures interred at Arlington Cemetery and create informative walking tours for student groups and lifelong learners. As a result of this internship, I now hope to pursue a career as an education specialist.

Through this course, I hope to learn how to learn about the theories and methods behind “digital history” as well as the different digital tools and databases used by academic and public historians. I also hope to conduct more mapping projects as I thoroughly enjoyed creating those in undergrad.

I am also a huge soccer fan and very excited for the USWNT to secure their fifth Gold Medal at the Olympics this year!! Oosa-Oosa-Oosa-Ah!!

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I am also a Tottenham Hotspur fan. #COYS

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