So long, Farewell….

Thinking back over this course over the semester I have gained new skills that will help me in my future. I have enjoyed hearing everyone’s differing perspectives. First off, I have learned what Digital Art is, and how it is a continually growing genre. Every time I go online I now analyze all of the different types of digital art I am viewing. I can definitely see more of a trend to want to collect and preserve this type of art in the future.

Curating texts and contexts

I was originally interested in this course for its focus on both arts materials and digital curation, both of which I’m hoping to work with in the future. Many of the concepts and issues we’ve been discussing over the last few months have stayed with me, coming to mind both in the course of my other archival coursework and beyond. As I’ve mentioned before, […]

What does ‘Digital Art’ even mean?

What is art? Throughout the course, I was surprised by the number of different things that we were studying. ‘Art’ can be so many different things – drawings/paintings, comics, programs, among others. The digital versions of traditional arts have more freedoms and allow for greater creativity than those bound to physical space and tangible media. […]

Off Grid: Right Place at the Wrong Time?

Dark Night of the Soul AIP As I’ve mentioned in previous posts and discussions, my project weathered a few existential crises over the semester. In Kutiman’s oeuvre, Off Grid is an interesting work that refines the tools used in previous works, but the problem is that it’s just not a terribly popular work. While my […]

It’s Illusions I Recall; I Don’t Really Know the Digital at All

When I was in high school, I took an AP Biology class, and somewhere in there (I believe after the AP exam), our teacher had us build kaleidoscopes. The end result was a bit like this: It’s so beautiful, but in making one, I learned that the process requires throwing a bunch of random things […]