Using blogs for history education: MappingWIMS

When I conceptualized this digital project, ‘MappingWIMS’, I didn’t necessarily realize how challenging building an educational blog could be. The world of blogging- or even just using the blog format- seems to be unstructured and idiot-proof yet requires great attention to detail and know-how. My project was inspired by using personalized mapping tools such as My Maps by Google. […]

The Online Memorial, Moving Beyond the Marble: A “Living” Interface and Born Digital Cenotaph

The sepulchral spirit of war memorials suffuses them with emotion and, accordingly, these memorials elicit a strong emotional response. Memorial visitors typically harbor great expectations of what the static collection of stone blocks and sculptures should evoke. These physical sites are expected to be participatory, interactive, and experiential despite their inherent inertia because they are […] is launched! has arrived!  I thoroughly enjoyed making the website and look forward to educating the public and connecting to other people through it.  It has more pages than I anticipated (thirteen; see below), as I decided to break down topics into smaller units.  For instance, “The Tripolitan War of 1801-1805” and “Coup and Aftermath” were […]

Supreme History. Site has content and final thoughts.

So if any of you were interested in my Supreme Court podcast, the site is up with five episodes right now at I have had a lot to think about since working on the site. The biggest and most important is the amount of work that went into it. The amount of work that […]

Midwifery In Colonial America Final Thoughts

Creating a website, was an interesting and sometimes frustrating endeavor.  I initially started my project using Word Press and then switched to Omeka.  However, making the switch was not as easy as it was supposed to be when in the process my entire website disappeared from the internet.   I contacted the help desk at […]