Another Digital Project – History of Children

Our class might be over, but I’ve really enjoyed the possibilities of creating digital projects to aid researchers in history. Recently, I’ve been trying to do some research that deals with the history of children and childhood. Unfortunately, I’ve found it difficult to find very many sources on this subject, but those that I have found I’ve compiled. Rather than just keeping it all in my own records, I thought, why don’t we keep more of our sources that we find in some online directory to help others who may have the same interests? Well, I already have my dreamhost account, and it’s only another $10 to register another site, so I went ahead and registered a new website on the History of Children and Childhood.


I don’t know if anyone from my original digital history course will come back to this website, but I’d be interested in any feedback anyone might have on this new project of mine. So, if you have a moment, check out and let me know what you think.