Bridget Sullivan Project Ideas

1. Create a digital exhibit surrounding the expansion of the slave trade in Newport, RI prior to the American Revolution. This exhibit would reflect the recent scholarship concerning the state of slavery in the Northern states.

2. Compile a digital archive of documents concerning brothers John and Moses Brown. These men were civic and political leaders in Providence, RI in the early republic period and embody the beginning of the abolition conflict in the United States.

3. Work with Smithsonian Gardens to further develop their online presence through digital programming as well as social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

4. Analyze the current state of museum and archive digitization efforts and how these efforts are affecting the way that the public interacts with historical artifacts.

5. Compare, contrast and analyze how major historical institutions, ex. Smithsonian, National Archives, use social media for development and marketing purposes and how the advent of the digital age has affected their target audience.


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