Ideas for project

Here are some of my ideas for a project:

1. Using google maps and a program to make interactive timelines, I will create a map that highlights major events during the American Revolution in one color, and then in a second color highlighting major events pertaining to slavery and the actions of the enslaved. I would then use the same method with a timeline. These products would then be put in a webpage. I intend on showing the rich history often ignored by the public of a rebellion within a revolution, while at the same time showing the that the high ideals of the Revolution did not always turn into action.

2. An examination of how different groups plan on using new media during the War of 1812 Bicentennial. One group in particular that will be interesting to examine will be the United States Navy, who have been planning for several years and take great pride in the American Revolution.

3.Create a “this day in history” blog for the lead up to the War of 1812. This would be slightly difficult since war was not declared until June, but the events prior to the war could followed.

4. An a paper examining the rise of e-books and kindles as academic tools. Things that could be examined include hyper text in e-books, new forms of citation that do not rely on page number and ease of accessing books.

5. A paper which examines the emergence of new translation programs, and how or if they are being used by historians to expand the resources they are able to draw upon.


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