Project Ideas

I am interested in creating a website that describes/highlights/distills the experiences that visitors of World War I French battlefield sites have posted online. As I would expect to find many visitor experiences written in French, I see my potential project as a method for the translation of stories, experiences, and World War I battlefield histories by French visitors into English so that curious online viewers can better understand how visitors of French World War I battlefields reacted to their experiences. I would expect to delve into French online tourist sites and hopefully improve my francais during the project.

My second idea pertains to researching online blogs and discussion boards from nonacademic websites regarding people’s views and debates about either the American Revolution or the Civil War. I am interested in finding out the discourses that hobby historians are having online outside of academia and finding out their points of view and hopefully their sources. I would expect my project to feature many debates surrounding military battles as many American military veterans enjoy reading and posting about historical battles, tactics, and strategy.

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