Project Ideas

For a digital project idea, I am interested in creating a blog or website centered around a Unit of study for a secondary level class. For example, in teaching a unit on U.S. History from covering roughly the years 1970 to 1991 to a 9th grade class, creating a blog with a variety of links and documents that will pertain to course objectives. An example could be links to Presidential libraries, documents and websites pertaining to the end of the Cold War or even YouTube videos of important events. The blog could be used by the students for a variety of purposes, from completing homework to potentially researching a topic. I would be interested in the educational aspects of the blog, since I have found that many high school students approach digital information in a not very critical manner. Since I will be teaching this unit starting mid-May, I am interested in making it straightforward enough for classroom use, meaning a focus on small tasks/assignments that could be completed in a class period or two.

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