Project Ideas- O’Connor

Here are some of my ideas for projects this semester:

1. Create a digital exhibit using an annotated Google map where monuments around DC are noted on the map and people can click on these monuments and be led to a description of who/what the monument is and the importance of that person/event.

2. Create a digital exhibit that displays information on historical characters/celebrities that have visited Auburn, NY–home of William Seward and site of many political events in upstate NY.  This exhibit will include information and pictures of this visit.

3. Look at how different local museums are represented on social media websites. Everyone will discuss big museums, such as the Smithsonian, but how much do people discuss smaller, not-as-well-known museums.  This study could reveal why some smaller museums are more represented on social media tools than others.

4. Conduct text analysis on letters written by some American revolutionaries, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams.  This analysis could reveal if certain politicians were more concerned with a certain area of the conflict or if all revolutionaries were using the same language.

5. Create an online exhibit (could even be a walking tour) using an annotated Google map where a person can follow where a president, such as Abraham Lincoln, visited while in DC.  Each place will have a description of what he did there or maybe a picture of what the place looked like when he visited.

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