An Emulator Within an Emulator

If you feel compelled at any point while reading, click the image for the Inception 'bwaahhhh' sound.

So totally relevant to yesterday’s show-and-tell about game emulation and data forensics, some fans of Goldeneye for N64 found a working emulator of a ZX Spectrum 48k hidden inside the game. Apparently the developers wanted to see if emulating an older console was possible on N64 and left the files in the Goldeneye ROM.


For anyone who’s ever played Donkey Kong 64, the ZX Spectrum 48k emulator makes an appearance as a playable arcade cabinet in that game — both games were made by development house Rare.

Really interesting to know that this is an actual functioning in-game emulator.

So to recap, people running an N64 emulator on their computer discovered a ZX Spectrum 48k emulator in their emulated game.

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