Collaborative Effort/I Need Help

Hi Everyone,

So I have some issues with WordPress, and I thought I’d mine the collective brilliance of the class to solve said issues.

1. If you want to use wordpress as a website and not a blog, how do you move all of the fun widget/side bar items to a static page? Basically, I want all of those things that are currently on the side of my blog to be on the side of my homepage, which is a static page and not the blog.

2. Is it possible to make header images that a user has uploaded scroll or rotate? I know the preprogrammed images for the twentyeleven theme can be set to “random,” but I want a series of my own images to scroll through the top. Is this possible?

Also, as I am not unappreciative of anyone’s effort in providing answers to these issues, I am more than willing to bring in ‘thank you cookies’ for our next class. Just don’t tell the lab workers…

Thank you!!

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  1. I believe to try to answer #2 that if you upload a number of headers, and then select “random”, they will be rotated. Not entirely sure of that, but I’d try uploading different headers and then selecting “random” and see if your headers rotate, or if the theme’s do. Hope that helps a little!

  2. Asking questions on the blog is a fantastic idea! I think I can help on both of these and I think they each have the same root response.

    These things are going to depend on your theme. Some WordPress themes keep the same sidebar on their static pages as they do on the blog pages. For example, we are using 2010 as the theme for this blog and the sidebar shows up on the static pages and on the blog.

    Now for your second question. There are some themes out there that have slideshows as headers. I think that is what you are asking for here. You would like the images to just keep rotating through each other without needing to refresh the page. So if you do searches for themes that have a slideshow header you will likely find more of them, but this one is out there and free.

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