Project Statement – Colin

Project Again for reference my final digital project can be found here or below Project Description: For my project I chose to curate an exhibit of the evolving relationship between music & YouTube.  Everyone knows that each have been affected greatly by the other but I wanted to explore what exactly has changed to both […]

Show & Tell: PBS’ The Video Game Revolution

I came across an interesting site hosted by PBS.  “The Video Game Revolution” offers a lot of neat facts about video games.  The site is apparently a companion to a PBS documentary by the same name.   The site discusses the evolution of video games, how they are made, how video games influence our culture, and much more!  It […]

Shaping the Nation: Open Source

At the suggestion of Professor Owens, Shaping the Nation now has source code hosted on Github as kmlmap. I don’t have a license selected for it — I believe the existing licensing of the projects it’s made of will determine whether it’s GPL/MIT/WTFPL licensed. In the next couple of days, I’ll be adding documentation and usage examples […]

Project Reflection: Culture at Home

On paper, I feel like my plan to integrate pseudo-social interaction into the homeschool class I tutor was sound. While uploading the student’s essay onto a WordPress blog was relatively straightforward, using an integrated custom Google Map added a bit of flavor to what otherwise would have been a dull educational resource. When I first […]

Reflection on History as Told by the Internet Project

Here is my digital project, . I can’t believe it’s finished, but that it is probably because I could have continued trolling the internet for quirky history sources forever had I not had finals in the way. As suggested by feedback from my pitch, I went with the tumblr route for my digital history. I don’t know that […]

Remembering Rebecca: A New Way to Engage with Historic Houses

Laura Heiman and I (Caitlin Miller) collaborated on designing a self-guided iPhone tour for the Menokin Foundation via the ARIS platform.[1]  The tour, Remembering Rebecca: A Walk with Francis Lightfoot Lee, chronicles the romance and marriage of Francis and Rebecca Lee, the original owners of the Menokin plantation.[2]  Utilizing an engaging feature of the ARIS […]