Digital Project Reflection “Music & YouTube”

For my digital project, Music & YouTube, I researched and analyzed the effect that the video-sharing platform had on music.  My findings led to the creation of a blog that then turned into an exhibit highlighting the changes.  This exhibit became an outlet for one of my closeted interests in not only music & the music industry but also the impact that technology & social media has had.

Going into the project I had a peripheral sense of the affect that YouTube had on music but in no way did I ever know it was so dramatic and essential to how things are today.  Another finding that was intriguing was the discovery of the presence that music has in our lives and all the various roles that YouTube gets to play in them.

The content of my digital project was already of interest to me before I took this course.  But it was another interest that really spurred me into doing the project.  Knowing that I had the preference of completing a digital project I struggled for a little while about what platform I wanted to use in my research.  I ended up deciding to go with using WordPress.

Knowing the prevalence of WordPress online along with a large amount of resources & overall user friendly interface I felt that there would still be a learning curve but without the stress that usually comes with a new platform.  Another reason I went ahead with WordPress was because of the potential to use it for other projects in future courses and for my own personal use.  WordPress also proved to have opportunities beyond the requirements of the project if I wanted to explore further.

Doing the actually research on an emerging topic was another great experience.  The creativity allowed for our topic selection provided me the rare opportunity to focus on something outside of my major course work which is always nice.  It was also interesting to piece together a mix of purely entertaining articles written on the subject with new scholarly opinions that are just starting to develop.

Poster for my digital project


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