Project Draft: Maroons of North America

The Maroons of North America Viewshare draft is up and running. This project helps to reveal an often forgotten part of American history, maroonage. Maroon communities were villages, camps, towns, or wandering bands of escaped slaves that lived both on the periphery, and in times of war, in the midst of white society. Through the different “views” available in Viewshare this project not only provides information about maroons in general, but also provides information about specific maroon communities, their fates, and the responses of white society. Using Viewshare’s timeline, the durability and frequency of maroon communities is shown. The timeline also makes it easy to observe that maroons took advantage of times of war, such as the American Revolution, to seek their own freedom. Using Viewshare’s map, this project shows that maroons were not something foreign or distant, but instead found in places that are now adjacent to major population centers, such as Savannah or Charleston. With all of these elements combined, this project hopes to expand the narrative of early America to include a shadow society that was constantly at war with a powerful white society.

This project currently only has eleven maroon societies included, but this will soon change. For the final project this number will at least doubled. The information on each maroon community will also be expanded when possible. For those maroon communities which little is known about, the text will be supplemented by general information about maroons.

Feel free to explore this working version of Maroons of North America, and let me know what you think!

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