2 Replies to “borrowing from digital art curation”

  1. I agree with you Amy that it’s more than bits and metadata. There is a fantastic conversation going on about not just best practices for preserving, but also for reintegrating into the public again. It really makes you think about what will happen 20 years from now with all of the born-digital media currently being created!

  2. Hi Amy, Great intro post!

    I completely agree with your idea of preservation as part of a conversation or dialog. As we go, through all the work we approach and review I think the case emerges that digital preservation is never a neutral or straightforward technical process. There aren’t so much inherent significant properties in objects as there is that potential for a range of future uses. Along with that, I think the digital art context does a great job at destabilizing the focus on objects themselves and getting us to think through the extent to which what matters about a work exists inside it or might otherwise be documented and preserved.

    Looking forward to starting to talk about these issues all together!

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