The Lizzie Bennet Diaries- a Social Preservation

Intro The preservation plan for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries will consist of the main character’s social media accounts; including, but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other related accounts for each character. I decided not to preserve the videos themselves, because they have already been properly preserved in the form of YouTube, streaming, and […]

Homestar Runner Archive AIP

IntroductionMountains Photo Since my core content is already well preserved on the Internet Archive, YouTube, and the original site, since the contextualizing information has been meticulously captured by dedicated fans and posted to the HR Wiki, and since the community remains active through the Homestar subreddit, doing the actual preservation work was in the end […]

An AIP for a Digital Deep Cut: Kutiman’s Off Grid

Currently, my AIP for Off Grid is 100% “make believe,” so unfortunately there is nothing yet to download. Still, I will provide details regarding each folder series—web pages, videos, documentary materials, and working files—and subseries. Every series includes a readme document that provides contextual information to users. (Excuse the lack of good normalized file names! […]

Preservation Polandball: Archival Information Package

Herein lies the obscenity laden banter of Germanyball, Swedenball, Americaball (‘MURICA!), and all your other favorite national stereotypes. With the understanding that I would never be able to capture and preserve Polandball in its entirety, this AIP is an attempt to preserve just a small sliver of Polandball materials and culture.  The aim was to […]

ThruYou – Archival Information Package

In creating the archival information package for ThruYou, I had several types of material to collect: The final Thru-You videos, the source videos used to create each video, the YouTube webpage for each ThruYou video, the ThruYou webpage, screenshots of each YouTube and ThruYou page, YouTube comments for each video, the Researching ThruYou webpage, and […]

Archiving for Theatre: a Production of Its Own

Files and file structure I’m going to direct you to an updated version of my lovely flowchart, which has a couple new additions and a few more callout notes to explain the intent behind certain categories. The same breakdown of item responsibilities and locations would reflect the file structure for saved items, and inherently the […]