The Lizzie Bennet Diaries- a Social Preservation

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The preservation plan for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries will consist of the main character’s social media accounts; including, but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other related accounts for each character. I decided not to preserve the videos themselves, because they have already been properly preserved in the form of YouTube, streaming, and DVD formats. In addition to creating videos that were directed to their audience, the “characters” interacted with their audience in real time. The majority of the social media accounts are no longer active, however, they still remain live. I have chosen to utilize the company ArchiveSocial to capture and preserve the social media accounts.


The structure of the preservation, that is not on ArchiveSocial, will consist of folders. folder structure One folder for each type of social media account. These folders are contained within a larger folder. The folders and the information within them, are primarily for discrepancy purposes and keeping track of the many accounts. Also there is a folder for any additional metadata, or information, from ArchiveSocial. These folders and information will be stored on external hard drives or USBs, for an additional layer of preservation and protection.


ArchiveSocial sample
An example of an ArchiveSocial archive looks like and how the program works.
ArchiveSocial features
ArchiveSocial’s advertised features of their program

The majority of information will be stored within the ArchiveSocial program. How ArchiveSocial works it preserves the social media accounts as they are, “We’re not just storing data, we’re ensuring that you can make sense of your records when you  need them.” This program’s benefits include searching capabilities and it creates a “carbon copy” of what the account looks like. This way it is visually appealing, and recognizable when viewing the preserved data. Another advantage is that this program does a continual preservation capture, however, this does not apply for this project.


The majority of this AIP is done by a company that specializes in social media preservation. This is still a fairly new type of digital preservation. The Internet Archive does have the abilities to capture social media, but it is not as focused or visually appealing as ArchiveSocial. Visualizing the interactions between the audience members and the characters/creators of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries helps inform the story as a whole, even after the videos ended 4 years ago!

Lizzie asking for Q's
Lizzie Bennet’s Twitter and an example of the audience’s interaction.

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