Intro Post – Erin Fisher

Hello, my name is Erin Fisher, and this is my fourth year in the MLIS program.  I only need to complete the field study to finish the program, but my full-time job is complicating my internship options, so I thought it best to delay sorting out that mess until the spring.  I’m now embracing the idea that finishing grad school is not a race and am auditing this class in order to learn more about digital preservation but avoid all the stress that comes with academic assignments.  I have loved being a student in this program and am always amazed by how much of what we learn is applicable in my non-library/archive job.  Digital preservation has come up in many classes, but my understanding is not as robust as it should be.  I’m confident from our first class that this will no longer be the case by December.  I hope everyone has a great semester!Как укладывать виниловую плитку

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