Intro Post, Scott Harkless

Why hello there! My name is Scott Harkless and I am looking forward to working with you all. Currently I am in the Second year of the MLIS program,  Archiving and Digital Curation Specialization with the Digital Preservation track. As such this class should be one of the fundamentals of my practice.достоинства и недостатки пластиковых и деревянных окон

My library experience is pretty wide. I have already worked in over a dozen cultural heritage institutions, with collections that held scientific, legal, government, and even comic book related materials. Many of these projects gave involved a fair amount of digitization and digital curation, and this has led me to one of the big questions that I hope this course can help me answer.

We’ve digitized the thing….now what?

In whatever position I gain whether I keep working with DCPL or eventually move on to a more special collections related position understanding Digital preservation is not only an professional goal but also a financial necessity.

I look forward to class next week and I enjoyed our discussions!

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