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  1. Nice work Thomas! It sounds like DCPL is doing great work in this space, which makes the task of developing advice on next steps a bit more challenging.
    I like how you broke down each aspect of their work by each individual NDSA row.
    One question I would have is how they are working across ArchivesSpace, CONTENTdm and Preservica? Do you have a sense that all the workflows are in place for them to be sure that they have everything they need from the first two systems moving into Preservica so that they can be confident that they are managing everything centrally?

    All around good suggestions. As you note, they are doing a great job already, so lots of these are some of the finer points. It would be great for them to, as you noted, start auditing their logs.

    My only additional suggestions in this would be 1) that it would be great to know a little bit more about what their actual workflows are for using Preservica are and that 2) given that they have really put their eggs in the Preservica basket making sure they had mapped out what the exit strategy would be if/when they need to move out of the Preservica system.

    Kudos for going further and making some suggestions about some additional digital collection development work that DCPL could do to complement this particular collection.

  2. I’m impressed with how much institutional support the Punk Archive receives. In my own experience, lack of resources stemming from a lack of buy-in can be the death-knell of any good project.

    And their enthusiasm for digital preservation is really evident in the fact that they already have plans for digitizing video and setting up a web-archiving system. As Alice has been dealing with digitized video material, maybe her preservation policy would be worth consulting for them!

  3. It looks like you found roughly the same sort of results I did on my survey. I like that you showed the low medium and high resource requirement solution for a variety of projects. For one I particularly liked your suggestions concerning testing the web archiving equipment on the social media account, and the hiring of more employees.

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