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  1. I’m really impressed with what you’ve come up with, especially considering how scattered the content is within the organization. I especially like the diversity of storage systems you’ve included. Amazon Glacier is great for long-term storage while DropBox is a great option for easy member access.

    1. Thanks, since the choir doesn’t access their recordings that often, Amazon
      glacier seemed like a great resource to use. For the items they access regularly, I figured that Dropbox would be the best access system, since the documents can be accessed but the managing director can put some restrictions on certain files.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    This is great! I really like how you start by laying out how the choir will get “up to speed” – for a small organization that hasn’t considered long-term digital preservation before (I mean who has, really? But they should of course!), this is a necessary step!

    I’m envious of how you split up the content – I wish I had thought of that! My organization has a similar split between archival photos, etc. and business records. I made the distinction between “open” and “static” records, where the open records were like your Business Documents that may be updated and therefore need to be more accessible. I think the way you split up these two groups, and the methods you chose for preservation for each, is really great (can I steal it? haha). Rather than try to store all files in the same places (as I did), you store them separately – this helps you avoid the risk of accidentally messing with the archival records while updating the business documents. I may update my policy to use UMD’s Box the same way you use Dropbox for my organization’s “open” records.

    Thanks for a great policy!


    P.S. When is your next concert? 🙂

    1. Thanks, the getting up to speed section seemed to be a necessary one time section in order to get any sort of preservation plan off the ground. I also like the terminology you used between static and open, but you can of course steel my separate repositories idea. 🙂 Our next concert focuses on beautiful early music and renaissance pieces, and is taking place on both Friday, December 9th and Saturday, December 10th at 7:30pm at the Church of the Ascention and St Agnus, on 1217 Massachusetts ave NW.

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