1. Hi Scott,

    Good job tackling a tough subject matter with archiving websites. I like that you mentioned the importance of archiving websites that can be at risk as a priority, and to also set up a mechanism to get feedback from the community on what should be included. I think you laid out a good structure they can follow to create and preserve a robust website collection to go along with their existing, highly functional digital preservation plan.


    1. You know, I recently posted on Archive-IT, which fascinates me because it offers its own repository services. As such I become curious if they do end up using a service like Archive-IT how it will stand up to the NSDA Rubric, and thank you Sarah!

  2. Scott,

    I think your project is an interesting example of an organization that already practices a high level of preservation. You’ve focused on expansion and additional preservation tactics, while most of us are trying to get our organizations to reach the most basic NDSA levels. I think your suggestions for web archiving are a natural progression towards a practice I’m sure many institutions will soon follow. Your policy clearly lays the foundation for the DCPL. Good work!


    1. Thank you very much Mallory! In a sense it was a little intimidating because it took me a little to even think of what I could write on for them. However in a sense it does provide this somewhat existential fear that at some point humanities institutions will more curate access to commercial services than provide access directly. But I thought the state of the archive and the forward thinking nature of the archive made the knowledge of the Curation team obvious.

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