2 Replies to “Draft Digital Preservation Policy for the Litchfield Historical Society”

  1. Great policy! I really like how you made a point to define digital preservation, laying the groundwork for the rest of the document. Many of these organizations are just starting out in the world of digital preservation, so to have a policy that clearly labels out the concept is extremely helpful. I also think it’s awesome that your organization has something like the CTDA to help with digital preservation efforts in the future, especially since the organization is a historical society. It gives me hope for the little guys!

  2. This was organized and succinct. I really liked the use of inclusive language like “we” and “ours” to reenforce the idea that digital preservation is the responsibility of everyone involved. It’s also awesome that Connecticut has a statewide digital repository set up to help out (what I can only assume about New England in general) all the small scale historical/cultural organizations in the area. Using that existing infrastructure was a great idea.

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