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  1. Margot,

    I love that you included a section in your policy about cooperation with the IT department. Having something like this spelled out clearly in a formal policy is vital so that everyone knows what to expect from each other. I also like that you established the notion that NDSL will continue to look for future opportunities to preserve their materials, and have the mindset of “a culture of proactive digital preservation.”


    1. Margot & Sarah – “Working in conjunction with the IT department” was not something I was expecting to happen at the AAG. It’s really great that you have worked this into your policy, like Sarah mentioned. Collaboration is key!

      I don’t know if you mentioned this elsewhere, but did you sit down with your client’s IT department? It really helped my project take shape and, frankly, I think it’s going to help with employee buy-in down the line.

  2. Hi Margot,

    I agree with Sarah that it is very helpful to everyone to have the section delineating what the IT department is responsible for! I also think you did a great job making this a public-facing policy; you very clearly explain the purpose of the NDSL Digital Initiatives, the scope of their collection, and the purpose of digital preservation. Anyone who reads this policy will be able to understand what the NDSL DI are doing and why (even the more technical parts are very clear)! For a large public institution such as the NDSL, I think this is very important. Thank you for a great policy!


  3. This is a really clear policy, with a good balance of abstract statements and specific points. I’ve been thinking about how there ought to be some model policies out there; I think the ones posted here for this class could actually serve that purpose for a lot of institutions. I work in a Digital Initiatives department and, though we consider digital preservation, we don’t have a formal policy. When there is so much work to do, who wants to write up policy statements? If I ever decide to put one together, though, I think this will be my overall model.

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