3 Replies to “Next step Preservation Plan for the Washingtoniana Collection”

  1. Great point on fixity. It would be nice to record that info for fixity in item records so that you can check it against what you have in the repository software.

    It’s great that you went on and focused on some other growth areas for DCPL to consider. I found those suggestions to be quite thoughtful and articulated. You’re very much right to note that if they get into AV digitization it might rapidly push them to need to consider other systems as the costs on storing the AV content could really dramatically raise their expenses. Given that, I think it may well be the case that some of the AV work would be more resource intensive than the web archiving work.

    1. Thank you very much sir for your comment.

      I had assigned Web resource collecting as the lower resource initiative simply because a lot of the equipment, software, and workflows exist already. I would be curious to see exactly what volume of data they have

    2. Thank you very much professor! Well I will be volunteering to help them solve that problem a little over the winter, so I shall be curious to see if they are able to handle that volume of data, I know one issue is that with the MLK move it is unlikely they can host a local server

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