2 Replies to “Next Steps for the 18SS”

  1. This is really great work. Throughout the semester it has been great to have you working with an organization like this that is not a typical archives or library but does clearly have a collection they want preserved. You’ve done a great job adapting the requirements for digital preservation into this context and I also think you’ve very nicely laid out what the most straightforward and low hanging fruit is for getting started on this work.

  2. Sarah – I think you have a really great opportunity here with the choir to help shape their future as an institution. Starting from scratch can be hard, but it also gives you the opportunity to help them shape their archive to be exactly what they want it to be. Trevor makes a good point with his “low-hanging fruit” comment and I think he’s right. I don’t want to mix metaphors, but I think by dealing with the small easy stuff first will certainly help get the ball rolling.

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