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  1. Great work Carlyn. It is interesting to see how your work with AAG ends up taking a slightly different path than others. It’s interesting that, all of this work is part of pre-ingest for the ultimate home for the material at LC as the repository.

    You’ve nicely laid out the state of their practices and how it aligns to the levels of digital preservation. In your case, it also makes a ton of sense that the plan here is largely focused on how the information gets transferred to the Library of Congress which then takes on most of the significant digital preservation work.

    My main question at this point would be about what the timeline for handing off records is to LC. That is, as this plan develops and timelines come into play then some things, like fixity checking work for instance, could potentially be skipped. However, if the timeline is 10 or 20 years till the records would be transferred then they are functionally in a place where they need to get more heavily into doing more of that kind of work.

    It strikes me to that there is still some work in here to be done on sussing out exactly what material should be retained and be part of the collection eventually. Like your question about emails. So the process of sorting that out will inevitably be a core one of the important steps. Again great work! It’s nice to see how you took the essence of the assignment but figured out how to make it fit for a case like this.

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