3 Replies to “Preservation Policy: Laurel Historical Society”

  1. Hi Kerri,

    I really like how you outline the principles in the beginning of the policy – it gives a great foundation for the policy, really explaining *why* it is important! Overall, your policy is well-organized and very clear, things that are very important for a public-facing document! Not only will this be useful to the LHS itself, but anyone who reads it will come away with a very good understanding of what they are doing for digital preservation, and why it is important.

    Thank you!


  2. Agreed with Rosemary, great job structuring this! I could see this being very useful to staff for understanding the what and the why of the work they need to be doing to support long term access to their digital content.

  3. Kerri – I like that you acknowledge the work you did on the “Next Step Plan” in your final policy. I wonder if, maybe, both of the major documents we’re giving our clients (the Next Steps and the Policy) should be read together. Especially considering that digital preservation as a concept seems so new to many of the institutions that we’re working with, maybe it would be best to have the two as resources. “Policy” for big-picture goals for the program and the “Next Steps” for concrete ways to implement the policy.

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