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  1. Throughout this course, I’ve felt that intellectual property issues have been a bit underaddressed. I’m glad you mention this in your policy statement, because it is naturally a concern for the Channel. It seems to me that such an organization would approach preservation with IP goals specifically in mind, i.e., to prove ownership of a property dated to a certain point.

    It’s really interesting to compare a commercial entity’s challenges and policies with those of small cultural institutions. I think a lot of libraries would love to have the option of connecting their preservation policies to financial terms and contractual obligations!

    1. Thanks, Jeff! Tying archives deliverables to contracts is one of our best tools for actually getting what we need from production companies, who it sometimes seems would love nothing better than to forget about long term preservation entirely. My Director actually got the idea from WGBH, the public television station in Boston that has long been a leader in AV Archives.

      Overall, we can’t really complain about resources compared to other non-commercial institutions, for sure. We do face some interesting challenges unique to our environment, though. For example, it is a constant struggle to convince people in the organization that certain things are worth keeping. I imagine in a cultural heritage institution that is one of the base assumptions!

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