2 Replies to “Simple Ideas, Big Lessons”

  1. Margot,

    First, I love all of your gifs/images. Second, I also joined this class because the Preservation for Libraries and Archives class was canceled. Like you, I was really disappointed and didn’t know what to expect from this class. But I’m so thankful for going the digital route because, let’s face it, that’s where archives are headed.

    I also agree that communication is key as an institution working with digital material. Keeping logs of preservation actions as well as effectively communicating with IT is really important to maintaining a strong repository.

  2. Hi Margot,

    I also agree that the experience of our classmates with digital materials in particular was helpful to discuss in class because it really helped me to better grasp and put into context some of the more technical jargon. When we read the article with the NDSA levels, I sort of breathed a sigh of relief because those steps all made sense to me as something I could put into practice to achieve digital preservation, while the OAIS model seem too theoretical.

    Like Kerri said, I really like that you brought up the importance of communication within an institution to make sure everyone is on the same page about goals and policies, technology needs, and preservation standards. Like you said, communication is important for coworkers on the same “level”, but also really important for advocating to your superiors for what you need to fully achieve your work.


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