Intro Post- Cristina Tejada

Hi everybody! My name is Cristina Tejada, I am from Miami, and I am currently a senior undergraduate student majoring in history and minoring in anthropology.  I am interested in public history and think I want to work in a museum in the future, though I do not know in what capacity yet. I wanted to take this class because  it sounded interesting and I wanted to learn more about what kind of digital tools are out in the world that can be used by historians.

I am not technologically savvy, I have not heard of most of the digital tools listed under the practicums for each week on the syllabus. This is even my first time blogging. However, I am excited to learn something new, stepping out of my comfort zone, and I hope that this class will provide me with skills and knowledge that might be useful in the future when looking for a job.

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