Intro Post-Hello, it’s Micaela

Hi all, my name is Micaela Procopio and I am in my first year of earning my Masters in Public History. I have a BA in History and two minors in Jewish Studies and Museum Studies from Michigan State University (Go Green!). My focus in history is centered on the Holocaust, but particularly in memorialization of the Holocaust in the 21st century, in the post-memory generation. I have started a couple of projects centered around that, one being digitally history based. It’s the final project I completed in Oral History last semester. I’m continuing the project which will include more interviews and branding. I’m working with the organization March of the Living on moving this forward. Anyway, feel free to check out the website:

I don’t have much experience in digital history. I’m still pretty proud of the wordpress site I created last semester. Granted it took me a long time but at least the final project is clear and accessible. I do have some years experience of oral and audio history, working with both Audacity and Soundcloud. I did work for awhile with Matrix and LEADR at Michigan State University. Check out the website here: I worked on a blog during my time at MSU which appears on the LEADR site. This was my introduction to digital history and it’s what sparked my interest in learning digital history.

I’m really excited for this class so I can add to my skills-digital historian. I never thought I’d see myself in this path as I wanted to be a historian solely to not have to deal with technology. However, I see that technology is one of the most crucial ways to bring attention to what I’m doing. I’m looking forward to my expansion of knowledge on digital history.

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