Introduction: Abigail Seaver

Hello everyone! My name is Abigail Seaver, and I am a first-year Public History master’s student. I am originally from Wallingford, Connecticut but I officially adopted DC as my home by becoming a resident here. I went to American for undergrad as well, majoring in Strategic Communication and Public Relations in the School of Communication, with a minor in History.

Fun fact about me: I used to be a stylist in Georgetown at a store called Madewell before starting graduate school, and I absolutely loved it!

In the past I have worked in the House of Representatives as a communication intern, as well as with the Boston Bruins NHL team in their public relations office. Last year I worked on an oral history project that focused on African American police officers in Montgomery County, and catalogued their experiences on the job with the National Law Enforcement Museum.

I’ve also done work with Wikipedia, and it inspired me to get my master’s in Public History. I’m fascinated with how the public grapples with historic events, and I believe that history is too often placed on an academic pedestal. The public will be deeply involved in different historical topics for a variety of reasons, and I believe that trained historians have a duty to help cultivate engaged historic thought in the communities they work with. I think the digital sphere of history holds the most potential for sharing authority, and I am excited to broaden my digital toolbox.

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