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Hello! My name is Kate Morgan and I am a sophomore at American University. I am a History major with minors in Graphic Design and American Studies. One day, I plan to go to graduate school for Public History or a synonymous field. At this point, I think I want to work in museums, yet I do not know in what capacity. However, I am taking the time in my undergraduate years to explore the different avenues of sharing stories and memories of the past with the public. I hope this course will especially introduce me to different ways to do so.

Currently, I work in visitor services at the Smithsonian Castle and in museum education at the Spark!Lab at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. I have also volunteered for my county’s historical society doing library and archival work. It was at the Camden County Historical Society that I learned PastPerfect. I also know how to use Adobe applications, due to my Graphic Design minor. Other than these, I do not know any other programs related to Digital History. I am thrilled to learn though throughout the course of this semester! In all honesty, I did not even know Digital History was a field before signing up for this class. From the readings so far, I find many of the topics fascinating, especially longue durée. I cannot wait to read more on this topic and explore this new field of study with all of you!

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  1. Kate! I almost took a position at SparkLab! last fall but I had to turn it down at the last minute. I would love to talk to you about your experience there at some point. The work they do is really cool!

    -Lina Mann

    1. Definitely! I really love working there, from the experience in general to the staff members! We should grab coffee sometime!

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