Introduction Post – Sarah Adler

Hi, my name is Sarah Adler. I have a BA in history and American studies from AU (‘13) and am now a general history MA student in my last semester of the program. I primarily research and write about U.S. cultural history during the (long) 19th century. I am particularly interested in using print culture to uncover the historical constructs at play in American perceptions of practices and events. My current project, which will likely continue for the next several years and hopefully become a book someday, examines how a fugitive became a household name in turn-of-the-century Washington, DC.

Like many 20-somethings, I have some experience in the digital history world. My first foray into digital history was the creation of a timeline of county history for my local historical society’s website, which I coded with the HTML skills I picked up on Neopets as a pre-teen. As a high school student, I also had a Civil War blog; I attribute its surprising success less to quality of content and more to the novelty of a teenage girl blogging in a male-dominated area. I also was a contributor to the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial official blog for a couple years in college, and had an incredibly short-lived DC history blog. All of these things still exist somewhere on the internet, but are almost universally dated and embarrassing. Google at your own peril.

Also, this is Noodle. She proofreads all my stuff and all typos are her fault.


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