Digital Proposal: American Revolution Florida Roadtrip

Juan Ponce de Leon’s arrival to Florida in 1513, a class trip to St. Augustine, and Henry Flagler and his railroad is the extent of Florida history that I remember learning about in 4th grade. As someone who is heavily interested in colonial and revolutionary America, much of what we learned in school was very New England and Virginia centric. Before coming to college, I had no idea that Florida had even played a role in the revolution until learning about the Battle of Pensacola.

For my digital project I want to use HistoryPin to create an American Revolution roadtrip tour, showing different places around the state of Florida that are associated with the American Revolution. The tour would primarily be focused on Pensacola and St. Augustine, the two capitals of East and West Florida at the time of the revolution, though I am hoping to find other places further south in Florida that I can include as well.

I would want to include places like Fort George in Pensacola or the St. Augustine Lighthouse Museum which houses a really cool maritime archaeology program that is currently conducting research on the Storm Wreck, a ship that ran aground while carrying loyalists that were evacuating from Charleston. Each pin on the tour would include a picture of the site and a description of the history behind the site and its role during the American Revolution.

Many of the tours on HistoryPin in the places that I want to focus on, like Pensacola and St. Augustine, surprisingly do not have a specific American Revolution focused tour. While many of the more popular tourist attractions, like the Castillo de San Marcos, are pinned, none of the descriptions I have seen have stressed its revolutionary war history.  In addition, I want to create tour that spans across the state, rather than the local tours that are prevalent on HistoryPin. People that are following the tour can either go on a full roadtrip around Florida, uncovering its connections to the American Revolution, or can just focus on certain sites, depending on the area that they are located.

This HistoryPin tour would be both for local Floridians and tourists alike. Local Floridians would be able to further explore history in their own backyard, especially since revolutionary history that took place in Florida is not widely taught. Many of these places, such as St. Augustine, that have this revolutionary history are already major tourist attractions. Many of these tourists are already interested in the history that Florida has to offer. HistoryPin allows users to view the number of times a collection has been viewed, evaluating the success of the project would be based on the number of views the tour received.

I don’t really have a solid outreach and publicity plan yet, but I plan to use social media to spread the world about the tour. I also want to partner with local history societies and the sites in which my tour includes in order to further spread the word to potential users.

Any feedback would be greatly appreaciated!

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  1. This is a neat concept for a historical tour and I think it could make a good bit of sense to build this out in HistoryPin. As Abigail noted in class, there could also be a case for building this out in something specifically focused on road trips. That said, HistoryPin is nice in how it focuses on the use of historical images and objects so there is a good case for building this there.

    My one main thought on this is that it would be really ideal to reach out to the various sites you include in the tour and see if they would be interested in helping promote your project. That is, my guess is that if you could produce a brochure about the tour and get the sites involved in sharing those out with their visitors that could be a good way of getting some attention to this. HistoryPin is a great platform to work in, but it’s not really something that is going to build you an audience for the work, that is, it’s not really a place folks are using for discovery. So it would be ideal to try and think through how to go about getting the word out about the tour to folks who might think about going on it.

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