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For my final project, I am creating a HistoryPin tour of sites associated with the American Revolution across Florida. Finding places with verifiable connections to the American Revolution, not just the British Period in general, has been more of a challenge than I originally thought. So far I have 9 locations across Florida from Cape Canaveral to St. Augustine, and across to Pensacola.  I am in the process of researching and finding more places to add to my tour, I am hoping to reaching at least 15 different sites in total. Each pin consists of a photo of the site and a description of its connection to the revolution.

HistoryPin doesn’t seem to like my citations for some of my pins and keeps deleting them from my description, such as the Castillo de San Marcos pin. If someone knows how to fix this, I would be extremely grateful for any advice.

In order to publicize my tour, I plan on reaching out to the various institutions featured on the tour, in the hopes that they will spread the word and gain an audience for my tour, especially since not many average tourists may be familliar with HistoryPin. I am also hoping that these institutions could provide more insight about areas associated with the American Revolution that are not showing up in my research. I also plan on creating a brochure about my HistoryPin tour, that could be passed out at the institutions featured on my tour.




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  1. Exciting to see how your project is coming together! I continue to think that your focus on the American Revolution in Florida is a smart and compelling idea.

    Overall, it’s looking really good. I was able to follow through to your tour and see the various images and the sequence you’ve built for them. The text for each of the pins is well written. It’s great that you have images for each of your pins, but in many cases the image is a picture of the plaque for the places historical marker. It would be great to keep trying to see if you can get some other images for those that are a bit more compelling. You might also think about trying to find historical images that are relevant, like drawings or engravings from

    Reaching out to the organizations featured in your tour is a great idea. The brochure/ flyer will be a great resource they can use to help spread the word about your project.

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