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My favorite part about this project was researching sites in Florida that had some connection to the American Revolution and learning how to use HistoryPin to create a tour of these sites. Though I was familiar with some sites and their connection to the American Revolution, I found out about a lot of new information about Florida and the American Revolution that I had never known before, which was really interesting to explore.

If I were to continue this project, my next steps would be to continue to contact the various historical organizations that feature in the tour or local historical sociaties that could help promote the HistoryPin tour to a wider audience, especially since not many people know about HistoryPin. I have yet to hear a response from the places that I have contacted but I think it would be interesting going forward to work with these institutions in order to promote revolutionary history in Florida. HistoryPin is currently working or fixing their app, so if/when that is up and running again, I think it would make it easier for people to follow my tour and learn more on the sites that they are visiting.

One of the more challenging aspects of creating this HistoryPin tour was selecting which sites to include. While I found many sites around Florida with a connection to the British Period, it was harder than I thought to weed out which sites actually had connections to the American Revolution and which sites were just connected to the British Period in general. Another issue that I ran into when working on this digital project was HistoryPin itself. Before starting the project, I thought HistoryPin seemed very straight forward and I didn’t anticipate much issues. However, I had to figure out many aspects of HistoryPin, such as creating a tour, though trail and error, especially since I did not find their help or faq section particularly helpful. I also ran into issues when I left HistoryPin open for too long and it would sign me out without me realizing or would run very slow. Sometimes the pictures that I would want to use for a pin would come out blurry and it would take about an hour of me replacing the photo until it somehow just worked looked normal. Little technical things like that would be a bit frusterating during the process of the project but it all worked out.

Overall, I had a lot of fun working on this project, especially since it allowed me to explore other skills and allowed me to do something other than a paper.

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