AJ is


My name is AJ Earl and I am a first year MA student in Public History. My focus is queer and Indigenous histories and their intersections with public perceptions of visibility and validity of voice and authority.

I’m hoping to get a lot from this course. First and foremost, I’d like to improve my technical savvy. For now, I mainly use WordPress and social media, but I need to branch out. I need to learn where new media is going, and what is necessary to keep ahead of the curve. Secondly, as a public historian, I absolutely need to learn the public side of this field: how does the public use, integrate, and understand new media?

This brings me back to what I want most out of my grad program. 

I think that with so many ways to access history, certain histories are at a risk of being lost or overwritten from such a high volume of information. I’d like to learn how to make history more relevant to the public.


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