Greetings All!

Hello! My name is Alexandra, but you can call me Alex. I am a first year History PhD student here at AU. My research interests center on memory politics and the former Yugoslavia. I’m particularly interested in public spaces of historical memory, commemorations, and the relationship between the past and present. I have an MA in Public History, and although I am pursuing the traditional History PhD, I’m deeply committed to producing work in accessible mediums the public can engage in. (You can take the girl out of Public History but you can’t take Public History out of the girl.) That’s where this class comes in! I’m excited to learn more about current digital history platforms, tools, and methods that I can apply to future and current work. I also hope to incorporate existing digital tools into my research as well (stay tuned for more on that!)

During my time working on my MA, I craved a class on Digital History Methods. Unfortunately for me, a professor wasn’t hired to teach such a course until after I graduated. From what I can tell, this course will offer me the fix of Digital History that I’ve been longing for and then some. I’m looking forward to an exciting semester & can’t wait to see where the semester project leads!

I know that it’s become critical (or rather an unwritten requirement) for historians and other scholars to have an online presence. Last fall, while applying to PhD programs I created my own wixsite. Unfortunately, I haven’t done much to update it since then (whoops) and need to rework it to fit my new role as a PhD student and incorporate the exciting research projects I’ve been working on over the last year. If you have a second to check it out and have any feedback I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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