Introduction to Sasha

Hi all! My name is Sasha Jones. I am an undergraduate senior majoring in Journalism with a minor in Law and Society. I’m mainly interested in pursuing long-form print journalism, however, I also have an interest in multimedia (and serve as the Multimedia Managing Editor for The Eagle). Outside of the classroom, I am currently the newsroom intern at Education Week, where I report on education issues and policy.

I have also lived in D.C. area for most of my life, having been raising in Rockville, Maryland.

Although I have not taken a history course at AU, history has always been of interest to me. In high school, I took a two year course on the cold war. For this class, I hope to learn more about how digital media impacts how history is – or is not – told. I believe that multimedia forces a storyteller to rethink their work, and examine the story from different perspectives. Furthermore, new forms of multimedia and technology can be more inclusive of audiences who cannot or will not read and view traditional media. Still, inclusivity is often a challenge, and requires awareness that most storytellers should strive for.

I have also taken a class called Storytelling with Emerging Media, which seems fairly similar to this class in that it asks how journalists can use innovative technologies to reach new audiences. As such, I have reported using social media, 360 video and video games. I hope I can use and advance some of the skills that I acquired in that class in this one.

Although this class is a bit intimidating to me as my first history class in college (and most likely only as I’ll be graduating in May), I am excited to participate and learn from both Professor Owens and my classmates, who all seem excited and incredibly knowledgeable about history as a whole.

Outside of my education and work, I’m interested in art, film and music. My favorite museum in D.C. is the Hirshhorn and I often listen to rap and R&B.

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