Digital Project Draft: Horatio Gates Worldwide

So far during this project I have hit a few road bumps, but it seems to be on track at the moment.  I have found a functioning platform for my project after searching our syllabus and the Internet for one that would fit my idea.  Finally, after getting an AU account, I began working with ArcGIS Story Maps

So far I have been able to upload the scans of Gates’ documents that I copied from the microfilm at Mount Vernon.  My next step is to turn my notes for each image into comprehendible captions.  At the moment they are just a bunch of bullet points below each image.  There is less space to work with than anticipated, so my captions will need to shrink. 

I have not included the transcribed documents for each correspondence, but I think it would be beneficial to include them even though my caption will be a brief summary.  This idea is still fluid.  I could include the transcribed documents after the image and have the letter’s caption be about current events of that time or tips on primary source research.  I am open to suggestions on this front.

Each letter is represented by a colored tab.  Green tabs are informational, such as the goal of this project and research tips.  Blue tabs are for documents written by Gates and red is for letters written by someone other than Gates.  These tabs either pin point where the document was written or, if the information is available, where Gates was at the time of receiving the letter.    

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  1. Great to hear about the progress you are making on the project! I tried to click the link to the storymap but it prompts me for a login. Is there a URL I can follow to be able to view/review your draft? Thanks!

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