Hi! Its Me, Caroline!

Hello! It was nice to meet you all tonight! My name is Caroline Kish, originally from Cleveland, Ohio AKA Believeland, The Land, Mistake by the Lake, etc. This is my last year as an UNDERGRAD in American Studies and Philosophy. I currently work part-time at the Department of Justice with the Civil Appellate Division. I plan on going to law school after graduation, focusing on criminal law. I have always been particularly interested in American history and the role of media to describe and articulate the past. I focus in pop culture analysis, so I hope this class provides me with more tools to improve on that skill.

History is a widely discussed phenomenon in philosophy; what is constituted as history, when history began, who is included in history, etc. Taking a course that is explicit and concrete in its discussion makes my life so much easier, but also raises new challenges. I am terrible with computers and/or technology; I would much rather do work with paper in thousand page books. I do, however, understand the incredible benefits of digitizing history and its influence for those with limited access. I would like to learn how digital history promotes or negates communities that practice oral history. Would digital history allow for the spread of oral histories or would it pose a threat to the practice itself?

Outside my school life, I am an avid and desperate Cleveland sports fan. I am a server/bartender at Jaleo in Bethesda on the weekends where I am the only non-Spanish speaking employee. Three fun facts about me are: 1. I LOVE giraffes, like a lot. 2. I am a big puzzler, the jigsaw and crossword variety. 3. I am a French citizen. My everyday life consists of reading/writing, working, and watching sports. I look forward to the class and possibly getting to know some of you!

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