Hi, I’m Connor

Hello everyone! I am a second year MA student in the General History Program here at AU. I am originally from the small town of Ridgefield, Connecticut. It’s an old and classic New England town filled with interesting local history. It was that local history that originally set me down the path of wanting to study American history, particularly in forming my focus on Early America and the New Republic.

I also completed my undergrad here at American University, graduating in 2018 with a BA in History. Through my undergrad experience I was able to explore my interests in early America but also was able to explore many other areas of history that sparked my interests including Ancient Civilizations and particularly the history of the US during the Cold War periods. This school and this city have given me plenty of opportunities to explore these different periods of American history.

Through this class I am hoping to learn about how people can use and are using digital media to engage with history and how historians can use this technology to make history more accessible. We’ve seen debates and discussions in recent years about how the internet has shaped modern political discourse, and the same conversations should be had about how people are learning history and I am hoping that this class will give some insight into what those means of learning are.

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