Hi, I’m Madi!

I’m a junior undergrad studying political science and communications. I decided to focus more on communications this semester and take a break from policy, so I’ve found myself in couple of unique history classes including this one. I’m not particularly keen to digital history, so I’m very excited to learn more about the field and do something new.

Me and my best friends at Tom’s One Hour Photo in LA.

I’m from Seattle, WA, and have lived in DC for about three years. I have family in the area, so I’ve grown up visiting and have always had an interest in living in DC. (However, West Coast Best Coast forever). I also have family in New York and Ohio, so those are the places I’ve spend the most time. Aside from politics, I love singing and was a musical theatre kid in high school, and I’m also a huge fan of cats (I have two at home that I miss dearly), and a huge comedy nerd.

Here are Baxter and Indiana Jones being cute.

I think this class will be helpful in my understanding of how political engagement has changed since the internet came about, and how accessibility of information and history has allowed Americans to be more tuned into what’s going on, both currently and historically, in politics and government. So much of political and governmental corruption throughout history has been because of lack of education and forced ignorance of lower classes, and I think the internet and mass communication has really changed the way we see the world and our own government. I’m looking forward to exploring these ideas while also seeing what digital history is about and what kinds of things can be done in the field.

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