Hi, I’m Sarah (S!)

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah Shade, and unlike most everyone else in the class, I am a General History Master’s student (but I adore all of my Public History friends).

I was born in Atlanta Georgia, but I don’t consider myself from there because we moved to Highland Village, Texas (north of Dallas, near Denton) when I was five and I grew up there. So although i am not technically a native Texan, I consider myself to be from Texas. I graduated last May from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas (pronounced NAC-UH-DOE-CHEZ, if you’re curious). I majored in History and minored in Spanish there. I also worked for our school’s Department of Languages, Cultures, and Communication where I made the best friends out of other students and professors. They’re like my family away from home. In addition to working there and studying Spanish, I studied abroad in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where i learned Portuguese and studied Afro-Brazilian culture, especially regarding slavery and Candomblé.

Here’s all of us in Pelourinho. The area is gorgeous now, but during the Portuguese colonial period it was a plaza for the punishment of enslaved people.
This is me and my host parents, Eneida and Almir!

Since I included a picture of my family in Brazil, I should probably post about my actual family. I have my mom, dad, and my brother, but unfortunately the four of us became three in August when we lost my mom. My mom used to work in occupational therapy until I was born, then she began staying home with me and my brother. My dad used to work in sales for various chicken companies such as Pilgrim’s Pride and Simmons Foods, but now manages a tow truck business, which is a much better fit for him because he loves cars. My brother Colin turns 20 in July and he just started school to earn a certificate in welding (so proud of you baby bro).

My mom, Paula, my dad, Bob, and my brother, Colin

I consider myself a 20th century US historian who is interested mostly in history post WWII. Other than history I love watching tv, like most people. My favorite show is Lost and I’ve seen it all the way through seven times. I also love videogames, although I’m not great at them. Currently I’m playing Skyrim (even though it came out 9 years ago, I’ve never played it), Link’s Awakening, and I’m patiently waiting for March 20 when Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes out. I also send postcards to people around the globe and receive them from other people through a penpal website. So far, I’ve received about 70 postcards. I also love cats, so here’s a picture of my cat, who most of you have already seen.

This is Pounce, she’s my best friend, best model, and hates everyone except me

I look forward to learning about digital history with all of you!

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