Getting to know Josh Reynolds

Hi everyone, my name is Josh (not to be confused with this Josh Reynolds or this one) and I am a first year student in the Public History M.A. program at American University. I am a navy brat so I from all over but I have called Houston and Dallas, Texas home the longest. I am a graduate of the University of North Texas, where I studied history with a focus on on oral history, African American history, and U.S. military history. I wrote an undergraduate thesis that documented a WWII veteran’s experience during the war. I have worked in the Texas Legislature, for a criminal defense law firm, and for a property management company in a government relations role. Now, I want to switch over into the world of my true passion: history and museums. My current research interests revolve around African American history post-Reconstruction, U.S. political history, specifically the rise of populist and socialist movements, the history of gender, and the history of government interaction/participation in society.

Here is me!

My interest in public history–and now digital history–stems from my desire to bring history alive for people. I love the interactive and participatory facets that these two fields bring to the profession. My goal for my degree is to become a historian in an interpretive or educational role at a federal agency/museum before eventually getting into the teaching profession. In the meantime, in this class I hope to learn a) how to become more digitally literate, b) the ways that technology can enhance the production, preservation, and interpretation of history, and c) the innovative ways to make history more accessible to everyday people.

Please enjoy this picture of me and my dog, Siena. She will most likely make an appearance at some point in the semester.

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