Intro to Amanda Gallagher

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Gallagher, I am a first year student in the Public History Master’s Program at AU. I am passionate about history and education and in the future would like to work in a museum doing education or the National Parks Service. My historical interests are mostly gender and sexuality and race history. I did my senior thesis in college on France during WWII, so French history will always hold a special place in my heart. Fun fact I also speak French!

I consumed an unreasonable amount of bread and cheese while living in Paris

In our course this semester, I am really looking forward to learning about online exhibits and how visitors interact with them. There are many different techniques to presenting information and engaging viewers, so I am interested in learning more. In a broader sense of the graduate program, I am hoping to make meaningful connections and discover the possibilities of public history. This is a broad field with many opportunities and different paths. I am looking forward to finding out what I am best suited for and the different ways I can grow and challenge myself in this field.

A few things non-historical things about me, I have two cats (Cornelius and Octavia) and I promise you they will both show up on screen at some point this semester. And I am completely obsessed with them. I also have to dogs at home in Baltimore (Nova and Maverick) so most of my time that is not grad school related in spent with the cats or the dogs. I also have three siblings, but they are infinitely less important than the animals. I’m currently living just outside DC. If you’re in the area I would love to meet up but also super happy to just chat 🙂

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