Introduction: Ricky Sanchez Yarza

Hello everyone. My name is Ricardo Sanchez Yarza but you can call me Ricky, I am an undergraduate student at American University and I am currently working towards a BA in History as my major. I am originally from New York City as I was born there, but I was raised in southern Florida for the entirety of my life. I enjoy reading books written by historical figures of the past. My attraction to history began at an early age as I grew up travelling to different parts of the world and learning about the different cultures of the world inspired my curiosity to dive deeper into the subject of history as part of my academic endeavors. Recently, I’ve been working on improving my research paper writing skills and essay writing skills and I am always open to improving my written communication abilities. I am excited and eager to learn more about digital history.

I am curious and excited to learn more about the ways digital media is used to study and practice the theory of history. I enjoy viewing art and I believe art is a beautiful way of communicating history. As a boy, I would visit history and art museums whenever I had the opportunity to travel somewhere else in the world. I spent some time as a boy, learning things about different cultures that exist around the world, and enjoying art became another way for me to appreciate the nature of historical works. I had a fun time in Washington D.C. I visited museums like the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and the National Gallery of Art. I think learning about history has motivated me to take a closer look at how our world has maintained itself throughout the course of life on our planet. I am fascinated by how much we can actually learn from documentation of the past and I would like to see how the digitalization of history through the use of media makes an impact in the way we explore the past.

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