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Hi everyone it’s Ricky here, and I am very proud to present the class with my work. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been researching and finding information about our climate change, our natural world as it is today and I cannot believe the semester is coming to an end. I initially created a blog post with a print project proposal about the Netflix documentary: A Life on Our Planet. Initially, I thought I would end up writing a paper but further down the line, I realized my idea would make for a great visual presentation. My project features the details about the Chernobyl disaster because the documentary begins with David Attenborough walking through the abandoned wasteland that used to be a populated city. I developed an interest in this event as I asked myself questions about what went wrong on April 26, 1986. Although this became a big part of my project, I didn’t forget to focus on the greater picture of what the documentary is truly about.

In David Attenborough’s own words, he says that this documentary is his witness statement not only for what occurred in Chernobyl but for what has been occurring on our planet since humans have dramatically changed the circumstances of the wildlife on our planet. Since the first time I ever watched this documentary, I have been enthralled with the idea of working towards a better future for our planet. As I conducted my research, I realized that the efforts of a single person to change the world will lead to no progress. I ultimately learned that if you want something like global warming to be stopped, we must work together as a species to create real results in the form of a positive change for our planet.

This project is more than just a digital history learning experience and digital media representation. This project is a call to all humans to raise awareness about the real problems our world is facing today. I hope this project serves as an incentive for people to watch the documentary and sympathize with the information David Attenborough is sharing. As we can see in the documentary, David Attenborough is over 90 years old and he cares very much about the future of our world. This man was lucky enough to visit natural habitats all over the world and view the world from the perspective of a natural historian. This project is certainly about digital history, but it is also about raising the standards for our human society to act with a conscience for a better future. My project is pretty straightforward in terms of what I studied and the information that I displayed. One of my goals in creating this project was to stay on topic and to elaborate as much as I thought was necessary in order to convey my message to the audience.

I used ArcGIS for the first time to create this project and I found it to be quite interesting. I do not consider myself technologically gifted in terms of how I operate on the computer but I found myself able to navigate through the website and make use of the basic features that it has to offer. I found myself entertained because I love the subject I picked for my project. I think I made a good choice and I hope my classmates and professor enjoy what I am sharing. This has been a truly magnificent learning experience and project creation experience that will help me with my future projects. I believe my technological skills have also gotten better since the start of this course and I’ve learned that I love learning about the natural world. Without further ado, here is my poster and my project link.

My Story Project:

My Poster:

This is my project poster.

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