2022 Projects

Final Projects

Print Project Proposals

  1. #HistoricAnnapolis – Katie Campbell
  2. Cleopatra – Joshua Johnson
  3. The Museum of the City of New York Social Media and Audience Engagement – Sherrell Daley
  4. “Concentration Camps” and Holocaust Memory: Using Distance Reading to Understand the Semantics of Memorialization (Print Project Proposal) – Sara Ulanoski
  5. Bringing the Museum into the Classroom: The Evolution of 3D Printing in History Education – Michelle Taylor
  6. Remembering Southern Temple Bombings – Rachel Davis
  7. Who’s Working in “The West Wing”: Using MALLET to Assess Representations of Work | A Print Proposal from Contributor Lauren Pfeil
  8. Art History in the Digital Age – Karly Lainhart
  9. How does a Smithsonian Institutions use Social Media? – Evelyn Baldwin
  10. Understanding the Impact of Commercial Genealogy on Academic History. Leah Marks Print Proposal.
  11. Topic Modelling DocSouth’s North American Slave Narratives – Jessica Shainker
  12. Egyptology in Videogames – Bailey Murray
  13. Is Minecraft Building Towards a Beter Future For Education?– Samantha Burnett
  14. Amateur History on TikTok – Carol Johnson
  15. Analysis of Educational Youtube channels and their impact in classrooms. – John Hanton
  16. Creating Relevance & Accessibilty Through Intentional Digital Expereinces @ Cultural Institutions – Caroline Morales
  17. Comparing Yelp Reviews of Lincoln’s Tomb: A print Project – Bryce Thomas
  18. Social Media at the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest 2016 – Jane Seibert
  19. TikTok and Holocaust Memory: Print Project Proposal – Emma Todd
  20. Analyzing Historical Accuracy and Public Reaction to Historical Fiction Media – Claudia Faith
  21. How TikTok is Changing America’s Conception of Dance – Molly Foster
  22. History Makes You Genius – McKenna Crews
  23. The Museum of the American Revolution – Michaela Fehn

Digital Projects

  1. NFL Prejudice & Patriotism StoryMap – Carol Johnson
  2. Mapping Animals in Art – Karly Lainhart
  3. Obscure History Podcast – Samantha Burnett
  4. History of Ghost Tours: A Digital History Project – Bryce Thomas
  5. Anne Frank in America – Leah Marks
  6. A Fresh Take on the Historical Podcast – Lauren Pfeil
  7. Exploring Civil War Battlefields – John Hanton
  8. Mapping the Antebellum Cotton Industry – Jessica Shainker
  9. Mapping the Stolpersteine in Germany and Europe on ArcGIS – Emma Todd
  10. Mapping Abandoned Locations in the Nation’s Capital – Jane Seibert
  11. Mapping Museums to Unlock Safe, Effective Learning Experiences – Caroline Morales
  12. Tracking the Historical Authenticity of Egyptian Representation in Video Games – Bailey Murray
  13. Southern Temple Bombing Timeline – Rachael Davis
  14. African-American History: Creating a Space for Digital Projects – Evelyn Baldwin
  15. Olympic Figure Skating – Molly Foster
  16. A New Podcast – Michaela Fehn
  17. An *Interpretive* Program – McKenna Crews
  18. Sex Education Timeline – Katie Campbell
  19. Cleopatra 2.0 – Joshua Johnson
  20. Digital Project Proposal: Virtual Exhibition- Artifacts Unearthed by Descendants of Slavery – Michelle Taylor
  21. Digital Project Proposal: Mapping Alexandria’s Black Communities Claudia Faith
  22. arson in Brooklyn Sherrell Daley
  23. Digital Project: Creepy Crawly History Haunts Sara Ulanoski